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The God Of Monkeys

You can call me "neep".

13 April 1973
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Born in the 70's (which part of the 70's I refuse to state), I've spent most of my life in an awe-struck stupor as a series of odd circumstances paraded by me. So, let's get the facts out of the way first - I have no nipples, I lead a religion based on dead monkeys (I'm offically a reverend - I can marry people, just ask GreeboTrill and eddyfate), I am a computer technician by day, a professional wrestler by night (for the WWE's official developmental league, the HWA - http://www.hwaonline.com - where I am also the webmaster, and for VCW - http://www.violentchampionshipwrestling.com ), and I have a lovely wife named Stephanie. We share our home with Goo (the most evil and intelligent feline ever), Pickles (a furry feline ball of various psychoses), George (the dumbest feline you'll ever lay eyes upon), and Ana, the first canine inhabitant of our household.

I'm a fan of George R.R. Martin (read A Game Of Thrones - trust me!), Star Wars, Star Trek, Vertigo books, the allmighty Playstation 2, the White Wolf universe, and professional wrestling, of course. I hold an assistant National position in White Wolf's official fan club, the Camarilla, and am also a member of IFT. I enjoy quality anime (give me Crying Freeman over Dragonball Z any day - hell, give me spastic colon over Dragonball Z, even), working out, supporting the Shriner's Hospitals For Children (they saved my life - I was horribly burned as a young child, but there's a LOT more to that story), and just hanging out with friends in general.

Anything else that you want to know, just feel free to ask.